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IFE system

Control box and LCD display

This system IFE - In Fligth Entertainment - is used to display information to passengers. This information can be text, pictures or videos.

The package consists of two equipments supplied with 115V 400Hz:

  • Firstly, a VGA LCD screen,
  • Secondly a control box with buttons and analog input to the display of the altitude, ground speed, etc. ...



Glue dispenser control unit

Glue dispenser with its control unit
Méca-Système case erector

Control unit having for principal function to control in temperature and to distribute the glue towards a Méca-Système Case erector. This machine allows working of small boats out of paperboard bound for food industry and of cosmetic industry.

Characteristics of the control unit:


Regulation system for Crotale NG air-conditioner

Control unit
Electrical box
Supervision software

System ensuring the complete management of the box and mast air-conditioner of the system of ground-to-air missiles short range Crotale NG (Thales Air Defence). SECA Automatismes developed the control unit and the phases order controller of the air-conditioner and carries out the assembly and the wiring of the electrical equipment box. SECA Automatismes also provides a supervision and maintenance software for PC type microcomputer.

Principal characteristics of the control unit:

Characteristics of the three-phase order controller: