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Télémir system control sets

Test set
Optical cap and cords in the storage set

Operational on board the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, these sets control the Télémir transmission system embedded on Rafale fighter (Dassault Aviation) and identifies possible failures.

The infra-red Télémir system allows the aircraft carrier to transmit information to the aircraft before it takes off. The Télémir system is composed of:

The 2 sets are airborne transportable and provide the following functions:

Main features:


Electromechanical relay test bench

Test bench

This relay test bench allows to measure the characteristics of the electromechanical relays at production ends. The duration of the test is maximum 10s in the most unfavorable case (6 NO/NC AC Relay).

The characteristics of the tested relays are:

The tests carried out on the relays are:

The test bench includes a data base which allows the user to configure the characteristics of the relay and the tests to be applied.


Tribombe Adapter control sets

Test sets connected to tribomb adapter

These sets are used to test the tribombe adapter (Rafaut) onboard the Rafale Aircraft (Dassault Aviation) before the adapter is charged with the bombs.

The 2 sets are airborne transportable and provide:

Main characteristics:


FLIR pod test bench

FLIR pod test bench
Infrared image test

This test bench allows NTI2 maintenance of FLIR RUBY 1 pod integrated on Mirage F1CR (Dassault Aviation). It performs the tests allowing to confirm, in workshop, a correct operation of the pod, by exploiting the pod’s internal maintenance system. It allows also to confirm and identify a failure.

Features of the bench:

The test bench includes an integrated selftest to check the operation integrity.