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Research and development

Engineering and design department

From existing reference frames or from elaborate reference frames with its customers, SECA Automatismes proposes technical solutions adapted in the following fields:

  • civil and military aeronautics,
  • military,
  • railway,
  • space,
  • industrial.

A versatility of its engineers, means of studies, integration and development tools, a test laboratory and the respect of the systems of quality assurance confer on SECA Automatismes a perfect control of the design.

PCB design
3D mechanical design
PCB schematic design
3D mechanical design

The experiment of its team makes it possible to SECA Automatismes to offer to its customers innovating and high technology products in order to satisfy the most severe requirements.

The range of competences of SECA Automatismes is broad and covers in particular:

  • electronic: temperature/pressure regulator, measurement, specific automatisms, control panel, embarked systems, etc…,
  • electrotechnical: control, energy, power, etc…,
  • wiring: kit of wiring for plane, harness, integration of bay and others, etc…,
  • climatic: military air-conditioner, system of cooling, etc…,
  • software: supervision, control, etc…

SECA Automatismes has important means of development:

  • mechanical design: Autocad, TopSolid,
  • routing of printed boards: Cadstar,
  • design of wiring: HarnWare,
  • design software: LabView, Delphi, Code Warrior.
Page updated: 2009/06/10