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SECA Automatismes presentation

Since its settings up in 1978 and with a view to the constant evolution of technologies and the increasing needs of its customers, SECA Automatismes has developed quality control systems and processes which have enabled the company to demonstrate its knowledge in Engineering and manufacturing of equipment in the aeronautical, defence, spatial, railway and industrial sectors.

SECA Automatismes is a partner appreciated by the major French firms for its perfect command in its field and its professionalism.

SECA Automatismes mainly operates in research and development as well as in manufacturing and maintenance of data processing and electronic equipment, for civil and military users.

Its wide range of knowhow includes:

  • hardware and software,
  • airborne systems, specific automatic functioning,
  • test benches, control boxes, control panels,
  • wiring, harnesses, kits,
  • military air-conditioners,
  • spatial simulator,
  • aeroclimatic room,
  • air dryers (low air-flow),
  • MRO and MCO maintenance of electronic and electric equipments,
  • technical specification files and CMMs,
  • training and technical assistance.

Download the plate of presentation of SECA Automatismes:

History of the company


Creation of the company with an aim of answering requests for achievements of specific equipment for industry. The company is established in Othis (77). 


Establishment of the company in SAINT SOUPPLETS (77), north of the department of Seine et Marne, in order to continue its development.


Obtaining SIAR-RAQ2 approval (Defence). 




SECA decides to diversify its activities in the sector of the civil aeronautics by using the experience gained in the other sectors,

Launching of the department Civil aeronautics Maintenance,

Obtaining JAR145 approval (Civil aviation). 


Obtaining JAR21 approval (Civil aviation).


Enlarging of the buildings,

Obtaining ISO9001:2000 approval.


Extension of the principal building on two stages. 


Obtaining PART145 and PART21 european approvals (Civil aviation).


SECA decides to diversify its activities in the field of embarked air-conditioners, climatic rooms and space simulators,

Launching of the department Aerothermic Systems.


Obtaining EN9100 and FAR145 approvals. 

Key points

S.A.S. with the capital of


Number of employees


Registered office

6 rue du 5 septembre 1914 - 77165 SAINT SOUPPLETS - FRANCE

SIRET number

312 536 642 00035

NATO code


APE code


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