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B787 - Dreamliner seats wiring

B787 - Dreamliner seats wiring

SECA has been selected to equip the ANA (All Nippon Airways) B787 Aircrafts seats manufactured by Sicma Aero Seats (now Safran group), flying since 2008.

It equips the "Airgonomic FX" seat in Economy class, and the "Ryokou" seat in business class.

Many other airlines have selected this seat solutions, such as China Airlines, Qantas, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines.


Military technology harness

This is an example of harnesses typically designed and manufactured by SECA. This harness is waterproof and made with military technology:

  • tight connector with crimp contacts,
  • heat-shrink sleevesg,
  • heat-shrink molded sealing sleeves,
  • high temperature cables,
  • data transmission cables (Digibus, Mil-Std-1553, Arinc, Ethernet, etc. ...),
  • coaxial cables 50 Ω, 75 Ω,
  • etc. ...
Military technology harness
D38999 type III connector view
Heat-shrinkable molded sleeve view
Identification sleeve view
Identification label view

CLPU Master control box

Control box


Control box of CLPU Master (Liquid Cooling Production Unit) performing temperature control and safety management of the master system’s cooling production unit.


Wiring test tools for RAFALE fighter

Cords sets in maidservant
Link jointing boxes in the dump-waiter
Link jointing boxes in the dump-waiter
Link jointing box

Intended to control the continuity, the insulation or the impedance of a line from a termination, and to measure the characteristics of a given connection. The unit “Outillage Rafale” 6501ECC is composed of cords and specific tools, placed in a storage unit. This storage unit is composed of multiple mobiles carts.    

The main cart includes

  • An User Guide Software,
  • Breakout boxes,
  • Mock ups,
  • Tools.

Two other carts are being used for connection cords storage:

  • 8 DOD modules type cords,
  • 54 DMCM modules type cords,
  • 226 D38999 type cords,
  • 27 coaxial and triaxial measurement cords,
  • 9 various cord types such as, 951, DBAS, etc…