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Embedded equipment

Switching units for C-135FR tanker

Switching Unit 1 & 2 : Wiring
Switching Unit 1 & 2 : Link connecteur

These 2 plates are installed in the C-135FR tanker of the French Air Force as part of the modernization of the aircraft's avionics.

The 2 Switching Unit plates were developed by SECA to meet the specifications of Air France Industries, provider of renovation operations.


Avionics rack

Avionics rack


Avionics rack installed in the aircraft cargo compartment, to embed electronic equipment for navigation or communication.


Crypto-zeroize control panel

Control panel - Front vue
Control panel - Rear vue
Control panel - Plastic front
Control panel - backlighting printed circuit board


This control panel is one example of command / control box to be installed in the cockpit of civil transport aircraft. The front of the control panel is made of plastic compliant to the fire requirements and including a printed circuit board performing indications backlighting (white color in this case).



Airborn rack for engine control

Airborn rack for motor control


Airborne rack for engine control, integrated into the SaM146 engine test bench. This bench ordered by SNECMA (now Safran) is embedded into the aircraft during the engine development phase. This engine equips the Russian regional civil aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (SSJ100).