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10 of July 2009

Air France Industries: C135 tanker aircraft


SECA Automatismes is selected by Air France Industries to supply electrical wiring kits, and switching units for the project of upgrade the avionics C135 tanker aircraft from the French army.

The Délégation générale pour l’armement (DGA) has notified January 14, 2009 at Air France Industries a € 37 million contract to upgrade the avionics of military aircraft C135 French Air.

This contract is designed to achieve compliance with these aircraft changing regulations issued by the Organization of International Civil Aviation (ICAO) and the replacement of various equipment obsolete. It also includes payments associated with staff training and initial support. The first aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in early 2011 to the Air Force. Deliveries of the following run through until 2013.

The fleet of tanker aircraft to the Air Force is currently composed of 14 aircraft. Upgrading their avionics allow them to be kept in service until the arrival of the first multi-role aircraft refueling and transport MRTT (Multi Role Tanker and Transport), scheduled for today in 2015.

Page updated: 2009/06/10